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Discussione: Change log 15.03.2023

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    Change log 15.03.2023

    Valentine Event Resource Conversion & Bug Fixes!


    • Valentine Buildings: Certain buildings from the Valentines Event 2023 have been added to the merchant’s architect section:
      • Carnival Grounds
      • Ranger Watch Tower
      • Classy Hotel
      • Floating Storage
      • Fallen Star

    • Buildings: The animation of buildings on which production has been stopped no longer plays
    • Trade: The Light Rain buff can no longer be requested in the trade menu as it is not obtainable
    • UI: Chat channels no longer switch when starting or ending an adventure
    • UI: Fixed an issue that caused queued productions to disappear after opening and closing a production option
    • UI: Adjusting the position or rank of a guild member will no longer cause online markers to disappear

    Additionally, remaining event resources from this year's Valentine Event will be converted - please see the "Event Resource Conversion" section of the Dev Diary for more details.

    Please note that there is an issue in this version that can cause building indicators to turn off. They can be turned on again in the settings. We are working on fixing this for the next game version.

    You are invited to provide your feedback > here <
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