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Discussione: TSO Future Timeline and FAQ

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    TSO Future Timeline and FAQ

    We know you have all waited quite a bit for this update. And here it is.

    As you can see in our timeline above there are many vital steps upcoming. We do not have fixed dates for every step. Some steps might move a week later or earlier so we want to avoid confusion by giving estimated dates that might change. Instead, you can see roughly when each step will take place. Rest assured that we will announce every step again when we have a clear date set.

    We will start by granting you access to our Unity Testserver to get an early glance at the future of TSO. This Version will of course not be in a final state. But it should allow you to see the progress that has already been made as well as further development. Furthermore, we will switch our regular Testserver to the Download Client very soon, to ensure its stability and provide you a way to have a look at the system and test it yourself.

    Only a bit later, the brand-new download client will become available which will bridge the time until our Unity Version is up and running. There have been some delays and other circumstances that in the end led us on a path to not creating just one, but two technologies to continue our beloved TSO. Among our reasons are that we wanted to allow everyone to continue playing in the browser, to have a solid base for the next decades of development, and to open a bucket of opportunities for the future of The Settlers Online.

    Our famous Christmas Event with lots of neat new things awaits next. We recommend switching and getting accustomed to our interim solution as early as possible to avoid friction when the Christmas Event starts. Although you will be able to play the way you are used to until the end of the year, we do not want you missing out on the end of the event or having to switch technologies mid-event. We kindly ask and recommend planning and taking time to install the Download Client. Of course, we will be here to help you with every step. We will do our best to enable you to continue playing with as few issues as possible and we will also try to get the Unity Version up and running as soon as possible.

    Roughly in mid-January, you will also require a Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay) account to continue playing. This has several reasons such as security, homogenizing our technology overall instances, and getting ready for all future steps. So, this is another important task we all need to complete as early as possible to ensure our islands continue thriving.

    After these important technical changes, it is time for more awesome events. Of course, our Valentine's Event will be held again, and Flora will be waiting with her flowers.

    But this is not all, we are currently looking for and preparing something special, but we don't want to spoil the surprise just yet. So, stay tuned!

    Afterward, we'll welcome everyone to the new lands of The Settlers Online and into a bright future. We cannot wait to utilize the new technology to bring the game to new heights and develop some long-awaited features together with you, our ever so committed, passionate, and beloved community.

    One last note. Please be aware that especially during these times even the best-planned and most beautiful timelines can be tricky to adhere to. Thus, we ask for your understanding in case of unforeseen changes in timings.

    Please join us on this exciting and thrilling adventure into the future, where no Settler has gone before!

    Once a Settler, Always a Settler!

    Check below to read our extensive FAQ on the transition to Unity, and don't forget to leave your feedback here!
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    TSO Unity FAQ

    TSO Unity FAQ


    While we make our best effort to answer every question, there are some we do not have an answer for yet. However, once we have more concrete information, we will update this FAQ with more questions & answers! Thank you for being a part of this next step in "The Settlers Online" and its future!

    What is "Unity" actually? Is it a "platform" like Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay)?
    • In simple terms, Unity is an engine – a software - that allows us to bring the game graphics, sounds, interfaces, and controls to players, just like Flash did before.
    Is it going to be possible to play the TSO Unity version on Linux/Mac/Chromebook/Mobile Devices?
    • Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (and other browsers) support the Unity Player.
    • On Linux, you may have to install a browser plugin for the Unity Player.
    • It might be possible to play on mobile devices, but this is not supported.
    How does the Unity port & Temporary Flash-Based Client affect platforms such as Steam, Facebook, and Kongregate?
    • We are working on enabling as many ways to log in and play the game as possible. More specific info will follow.
    Are we going to use the current Slim Browser during the transition, or will this be updated/reworked?
    • It will be a new and updated Download Client. We will provide a MacOS installer for the client.
    What exactly is a "Flash-based, downloadable client”?
    • You will need to download and install a small installation file. This new Client will run the game.
    Will Settlers Online stop being a browser game and will there be applications for various systems written with the use of Unity?
    • Rest assured, The Settlers Online will remain a browser game. For now, nothing else is in the works although we see many opportunities in this regard.
    Will TSO Unity support ALL browsers? Will it be required to install additional plugins?
    • We will support as many browsers as possible.
    Will it be possible to play with Flash during the transition period, e.g. with an older browser + flash version?
    • Although this might be possible, we do not support or recommend this as we cannot predict side effects, errors, or bad game performance that may occur in this scenario.
    Will the game and the engine remain free, or do we have to pay for unity/the game?
    • We do not have plans to change anything in this regard. You can continue playing without paying any fees or monthly subscriptions.
    Will a Ubisoft/Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay) Account be required for the Unity version / the temporary client version?
    • In mid-January Ubisoft Connect (formerly Uplay) accounts will become mandatory to play the Settlers Online. As announced previously, this step is important to adhere to our guidelines regarding service quality, security, and to align all world-wide instances to the same login method.
    Will there be graphical changes? Can we get a screenshot of the new UI?
    • We will stick as much as possible to our beloved Settlers Online look. The User Interface is quite outdated and could use a repaint, so we are using the chance while switching to Unity to refresh and update it. We will not change it drastically but instead will improve usability and readability.
    • You will be able to have a look shortly when the test server gets online. Screenshots do not adequately depict the improved look and feel.
    Will we keep the previous function, like keyboard shortcuts, zoom on the mouse wheel, and so on?
    • We will keep as much of the functionality as possible, will clean unused or broken functions, and even plan to extend it.
    • Just as an example, right mouse button use was not possible within Flash, which will now become an option in Unity. We have not decided what we want to improve in this regard and would really like to hear your thoughts about this. Please join the Unity test server and forum for this.
    Will Unity allow for group sending of explorers?
    • We know this is a feature that is very high on the Wishlist of all Settlers and thus it is also very high on our list of new features we want to develop in the future. That said, we want to make you aware that we still must prioritize other topics first. Of course, porting the game as smooth as possible is mandatory so we all can continue building our islands. But also fixing bugs and improving the performance is still more important. But after all, Settlers have moved into Unity and you and we are satisfied with the game’s performance, this will be one of the first features we want to tackle.
    Why wait till the end of the year with the move when you could do it now instead (and act on something else in the meantime)?
    • Although we originally planned to move to the new technology earlier it became clear that porting the game is more difficult than expected. Also, some delays due to the pandemic, changes in the team, and refocusing our plans led us to develop not one, but two new ways to continue playing the game. While the new Download Client will be ready in time, we do not think this to be the way our players want to enjoy the game. So, we chose to go much further and get ready for the next decades of the Settlers Online with our Unity Port. While we could have done this step also later in 2022 for example, we believe it to be better to get ready now.
    Will the forum be reworked too so that we can see/use it on mobile devices?
    • Depending on the mobile device and browser used, the forum is already usable. If there are feature requests or issues with this, please let us know and we can see what we can do to improve your experience.
    As this is a system change, what happens with inactive islands (inactive for more than 1.5-2 years)?
    • For now, there will be no changes in this regard as we know that some Settlers even return after several years. Once a Settler, always a Settler!
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    Roadmap Change: Unity Version

    Dear settlers,

    The development of the Unity version is progressing well, but unfortunately, the necessary changes to our infrastructure are taking longer than planned. Therefore, here is an update on the next steps:

    Unity Test-Server: You will soon be able to take a first look at the Unity version yourself. We are currently planning to give you access to the test server within the next 2-3 weeks.

    Unity Live-Server: Easter is just around the corner and since we don't want to interrupt the annual Easter event for an extra deployment, we won't roll out the Unity version until May. This gives us more time to test and you an undisturbed Easter event.

    We apologize for the delays and will keep you posted!
    Your "The Settlers Online" Team

    Feedback-Thread LINK
    Se avete bisogno di assistenza, non esitate a contattare il team di supporto in italiano. Non esitate a contattarmi in caso di necessità, ma vi invito a scrivermi in inglese.

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