Dear Anniversary-Fans,

This year was like an emotional rollercoaster but it all worked out in the end.

Once our Mayor reached out to you, the balloons were donated in their millions; some instances even got new records! Thanks to everyone, we managed to reach the third goal on time and would like to share some insights. Attached you can also find a GIF prepared by our annual our most beloved Balloon-Statistic-Collector: BigBang36.


Donated balloons phase 1: 496.488.575
Donated balloons phase 2: 910.853.889
Donated balloons phase 3: 831.250.147

All phases together: 2.238.592.611

Average donated balloons per Second: ~1233

Overall donated balloons in the event: 2.238.592.611
Stored balloons: 86.003.405 (3.8%)

Image provided by BigBang36 - Germany