WORLD DESIGN DAY - Community Contest
Time span: Friday, 27th of April – Friday, 11th of May 2018

Dear settlers,

Celebrate World Design Day with us and show us your best The Settlers Online related artwork!

Community activities:

  • Design TSO themed content
    We're asking you to try your hand at designing some "The Settlers Online" content: create your very own TSO character or improve an existing one, create the building of your dreams or a buff that would boost your production, a map you would like to explore one day or a brand new feature you think is indispensable on your home island. No matter what you design, you will have a chance to be rewarded for your effort!

General conditions
  • Submit your contribution within the community event's time span: Friday, 27th of April – Friday, 11th of May 2018
  • If your contribution is chosen, it will be featured as a Forum Spotlight entry.
  • Every player can participate once.
  • Post your contribution > here. <
Formal requirements
  • You have one regular game account
  • Third-party rights must be respected
  • Underage players must get parents' permission to participate
  • Your contribution follows the Code of conduct and the PEGI-7 rating
  • By entering the contest, participants agree to assign their intellectual property rights to Ubisoft / Blue Byte and permit Ubisoft / Blue Byte to use the participation in any media, including games
  • Participants agree that Ubisoft / Blue Byte is allowed to announce the winners and present their rewarded contribution. Real names will not be used for the publication, only nicknames, game world and language version. The contribution will be stored on Ubisoft /Blue Byte servers to present the content. Channels that might be used for announcing the winners and for presenting the contributions are international websites, forums, Facebook channels, Instagram and Twitter channels managed by Ubisoft / Blue Byte (especially "The Settlers Online" channels).

The best contributions will be rewarded with:

1 x Cherry Tree
1 x Bottled Innocence
30 Crystals
1,000 omniseeds
1 x Good Weather Charm

Runners-up will receive a prize of 10 crystals each.

Announcement of winners
  • Prizes will be sent to winners' game accounts as soon as possible via in-game message.
  • We may reward contributions as they come, but the final list of winners will be presented at the end of the period.

We're looking forward to receiving your contributions!

Happy World Design Day!