Dear settlers,

You may remember that earlier this year we announced a new Guild Market Vote system in the making. Since then, the new in-game interface of the voting tool has been reworked and enhanced with new features, in order to optimize your experience and it is now available for testing on the public test server!

How does it work?

Players pertaining to a guild have now the option to vote in-game for the items they would like to see in the guild market category at the merchant. Upon opening the Guild interface, a fourth tab will be displayed, revealing the items guild members will need to choose from.

As soon as the items were selected, the Guild Market Vote interface would look like this:

The vote runtime and results on the test server will have no effect on the live server vote.
The items, guild coins amounts, gem amount are also preliminary and may not reflect the final values.

It is now possible to reset your vote for a certain amount of gems, in the event you change your mind. Furthermore, a countdown timer will display the remaining time until the next guild market vote will be made available.

Have we piqued your interest already? Check out how this feature looks like on our public test server!

You are invited to share your feedback here.

Happy testing!