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Discussione: Dev Diary: Adventure Type Rework

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    Dev Diary: Adventure Type Rework

    Dear Settlers,

    As we all know, there are many types of adventures in the game: resource and experience adventures, mini-adventures, single player and multiple player adventures as well as co-op adventures, follow-ups, epic raids and fairy tales, special, myths or scenarios. And if you think that's a long list, don't forget that with the introduction of the Excelsior in September 2016, we've also become more familiar with ventures.

    All these different types of adventures vary in rewards, difficulty, play style and method of obtaining. So much has changed since we first started to develop The Settlers Online and its adventures, that the current classification is of little relevance today. All these inconsistencies urged us to rework this feature and provide you with a better classification of adventures.

    Each adventure will have three different properties displayed in the adventure info screen:
    1. Type
    2. Theme
    3. Campaign (if applicable)

    Let's take a deeper look into what each of these properties mean.

    One of the most notable changes refers to redefining the types of adventures as a major mechanical distinction. The type can be seen as a challenge a particular adventure represents to you: Military adventures or "Missions", Scenarios, Ventures or Expeditions.

    IconAdventure TypeDescription

    MissionCombat Adventure
    Mini MissionSmall combat adventures

    Co-op MissionCombat adventures that require additional players

    ScenarioBuff adventures; require collectibles and resource expenditures
    VentureMixed adventures; combination of mission and scenario mechanics
    ExpeditionPvP Expedition

    The Epic, Experience, Resource, Follow-up types of adventure will be removed. As a result of this rework, sorting by type (or default) in the Star Menu will display the adventures in the following order: Mission, Mini, Coop, Venture and Scenario.

    The theme represents the underlying idea of an adventure. Most adventures fall under the classical theme of the game, as they speak of cunning bandits and vicious pirates that ought to be challenged and defeated to restore harmony and bring peace in the world. Some adventures are inspired by the European or Oriental folklore, while others invite you to get into the holiday season mood and - for example - become a better person by delivering gifts to a child in need.

    In most cases, the theme does not carry a mechanical implication, with the exception of fairy tales and their unique feature: the magic beans drop.

    ClassicalThe theme of all generic adventures. Bandits, knights and pirates
    Fairy taleAdventures based on fairy tales, both western and oriental; these drop magic beans

    Adventures with magical or mythological elements that are not based on classical fairy tales and do not drop magic beans

    Easter event adventures; the vast majority are scenarios about collecting eggs
    SoccerSoccer event adventures; All current ones are scenarios that resemble soccer matches in a tournament
    ChristmasChristmas event adventures; the vast majority are scenarios about delivering presents to households
    ApocalypseThe "end of the world" adventures
    RetroThis theme was used for adventures during the Settlers Anniversary event. All those unique adventures were designed in a Retro look of The Settlers 2

    Another addition is classifying an adventure by campaign, if it belongs to one. There are three campaigns in the game right now: The Little Tailor, Arabian Nights and the Evil Queen. The Soccer Championship would be a fourth one, whenever a summer event is running in the game.

    The Little TailorA campaign about the Little Tailor containing 5 adventures on 2 paths
    Arabian NightsA campaign about the Arabian nights containing 10 adventures on multiple paths
    The Evil QueenA campaign about the Evil Queen containing 5 ventures on a single path
    Soccer Championship A series of soccer matches

    The archive entries, quests, adventure descriptions and tooltips will be changed and updated accordingly to match the new classification.
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    The constant development of The Settlers Online throughout the years has led to more difficult adventures, that exceeded the current 1-10 difficulty scale. For this reason, the difficulty range will be extended to 1-15 as old adventures will be re-evaluated.
    For better understanding, this adjustment brings along UI changes, as follows:
    • The difficulty value is now shown as a written number instead of a number of icons.

      Tired of counting skulls to find out what difficulty level a certain adventure has? This user friendly interface displays the difficulty level for you, as a value between 1 (very easy) and 15 (very difficult).

    • The colors and respective difficulty ranges are: Grey for levels 1-3, green for levels 4-6, blue for levels 7-9, purple for levels 10-12 and red for levels 13-15.

      This color can be seen in the adventure info screen, in the circle surrounding the difficulty level.

    • For expeditions, all references to the word "difficulty" will be replaced with "tier"

    So, in case of El Chupacabra venture, the current adventure info screen looks like this:

    As a result of our rework, this screen has been changed to the following:

    Notice the icon on the left displaying the difficulty: 8, and the blue circle surrounding it, corresponding to the adventure's difficulty range.

    With so many different adventures, a redesign was essential to the game. The new adventure type rework aims to bring more consistency into the game and make your experience a better one.

    We hope you enjoy it and don't hesitate to share your > feedback < with us.

    Happy settling!
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