Dear UBI,
I have several questions:
why don't you creare a kind of house for each event? I liked to create my "Christmas village" with several gingerbread houses. I'd like to make the same with houses from other events.
The production of books, manuscripts and codes is far too slow. How about making possible to create ques of several tasks in the bookbinder?
Also the use of the provision house could be different: too many useful recipies for the rarity provision house whereas the common one remains almost unused.
Could you make the production of stones faster and the stone quarries bigger?
Could it be possible to add more slots to make more deals with other players at the market? Believe it or not, 10 slots for e aren't enough.
How about making very small events from time to time with tasks and some little prices? Just to keep the game interesting and preventing the players to join the game only when events begin.
Last but not least, will you add another archipelago to enlarge the island even more?