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Discussione: Change Log 07.06.2016

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    Change Log 07.06.2016

    7th of June 2016

    • Summer Event 2016
      The Summer 2016 Event is implemented to be activated worldwide on June 14th 00.00 GMT (02.00 CEST).
      A pre-event conversion is planned.
      The (soon-to-be-published) Summer Event Dev Diary provides more information.
    • Guild Quest Rebalancing
      Based on player feedback and as promised in the Guild Quest Rework Dev Blog, the feature is rebalanced.
      Guild Quests are now activated every day at 12:00(noon) GMT.

      The following quests are modified and can now be completed within the given time frame (24h):

      Stranded: The Novel, Robust Foundations, Huff and Puff, Ready the artillery, Royal Picnic, Brand new signs, Arabian fights, No more ice, Replenishing Weapons, Printouts, Sledge ride, Sadly skipped, Pigeon home, Hungry apprentice, Travelling fish, Plan B, Explored Land, More guitars, House well, Better view, Visiting, Those at the flank, Filled storeroom, Structural tests, Honor your comrade, Wisdom in books, Road to somewhere, Relief party, Librarian day, Noisy percussion, Desertic maneuvers

    • Archipelago Islands Shortcuts
      Shortcuts are now available for the Archipelago Islands.
      You can access them by pressing Ctrl + Corresponding Number

    • Instant complete with gems can no longer be unlocked for 2 items in the Provision House at the same time.
    • Troop overview on training expeditions now displays the correct value.
    • Old Iron deposit on the Third archipelago sector now correctly disappears when depleted.
    • The golden laurel wreath icon can no longer be overlapped by other graphics.
    • The screen does not freeze when cancelling an adventure.
    • The quest "The More the Better" now correctly asks users to look for Platinum Ore.
    • Guild leadership can now be reassigned as intended.
    • Improvements to ensure the good functionality of guild leadership succession.
    • Texts are adjusted for the quests "The Good Captain Part 6" and "The Good Captain Part 7".
    • Requirements for "A Gift for a King (Part 3)" have been changed to "Own 50 Knights."
    • Animals no longer appear in the water area of expeditions
    • Nature's Gift now correctly replenishes Granite deposits.
    • Easter Achievements are adjusted to fit the text box.
    • When an adventure is cancelled, the correct Sender is displayed in the mail received by the invited players.
    • Decorations remain in their assigned positions after a zone change.
    • The scenario Buff UI no longer lingers when switching to home zone.
    • Clicking on the avatar notification when a collection is completed opens the correct tab.
    • Tooltip for "Double Time" now displays the correct info.
    • Generals stuck while travelling to the Star Menu are unlocked.
    • Invalid guild quests are not displayed anymore.
    • Exotic Wood and Level 6 Wheelmakers are correctly counted for "The Good Captain Part 4".
      Any progress shown until now for Exotic Wood and Wheelmakers is reset to make the trigger work.

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