Dear Settlers,

On Biscuit Day, celebrate with this very special cookie recipe designed to power up TSO players! These very sweet cookies are made with plenty of sugar. If players eat some of them they will have a lot of energy and will play much more effectively.

Use on player to increase gaming speed

This recipe was passed down through generations of Settlers.
The Raving Rabbids made experiments to improve it the last time they came to town.

Gather these rare ingredients:
  • Eggs (of the Stripy variety)
  • Butter from the buttercups
  • Pink sugar from the horn of an unicorn
  • Cherries from the Cherry Tree
  • That last bag of flour from your Storehouse
  • Sweet-smelling exotic condiment received as a gift from Captain Mapparan
    and very important:
  • All the patience you can find lying about in the back of your kitchen drawers
Mix together in a big bowl heated over a Fairy Fire and drop at the local Bakery, but not before getting a second opinion from Aunt Irma! After all, we remember those burnt fingers last time we didn't get help.

After baking, sprinkle with assorted nuts before sharing with your friends and neighbours!

Share your favourite cookie recipe or tell us what ingredients our bakers can add to make this even more yummy!

Happy Baking!